rave reviews

“Examining my personal stake [in DEI work] was incredibly thought provoking and meaningful. And then to share it with a co-worker in a safe and supportive space was incredibly therapeutic and game-changer for me. THANK YOU ANDIE.”

– Survey comment from a workshop participant, 2023

“I’m channeling my inner Andie! Today I was working with a Board that’s 100% white wealthy people, for an organization that serves a BIPOC, low-income, non-English speaking, immigrant population. They literally asked, ‘What is the minimum amount of leadership diversity we need to capture more grant money?’ I had to take some deep breaths. Then chose to use this as an opportunity to call out the bias, provide resources, and recommend training… all stuff I don’t know that I would have done if I didn’t know you; have the opportunity to learn from your experiences; and watch you publicly explore/practice using your voice. So thanks for inspiring and teaching me how to more fully step in and step up.”

– personal note from a BLOG READER/FORMER colleague, APRIL 2023

“Thank you for your impeccable leadership and all of the ways you have encouraged the org and our membership to think differently about our commitment to racial equity. The way you are able to connect with people and model humility and vulnerability as a leader is admirable.”

– personal note from a longtime colleague, May 2022

“Thank you for your many contributions to help inform, shape and lead [organization] on its journey in service of its members and a just and equitable Southern California… You are such a do right, committed and mission-focused professional.”

– email from a board member, May 2022

“I really appreciate your enthusiasm for [organization], the amazing compassion you have for our staff, and the talent, drive and consistently great results that you bring to the organization.”

– performance review from CEO, March 2018

“[Andie] is so clearly invested in the personal/professional growth and happiness of her team, and has always shown flexibility, warmth, understanding, and unflagging support.”

– written exit interview from someone who reported to me for 4 years, October 2017

“Thank you so much for your guidance and input; the campaign was an absolute game changer for us.”

– email from founder of nonprofit where I volunteered, January 2016

“I am so thankful that you thought of us.”

– email from funder after meeting with me on $250,000 grant request, November 2015

“You’re a light in Los Angeles!”

– Facebook post from a nationally known philanthropist, October 2014

“You are on a roll!! SCG is lucky to have you out in the world making all this happen!”

– email from CEO when I won 3 major gifts in 1 day, May 2014

“Amanda produces some of our greatest successes through the combination of her resourcefulness, hard work and relentlessness about solving sticky problems…

Amanda leads with her fierce work ethic, her honesty and integrity, and her thoughtful approach to everything she does…

Amanda drives so much of our impact through her dedication, incredibly hard work, and the thoughtful leadership voice she brings to the board, the senior team, and her own team.”

– performance review, August 2012

“Absolutely this was the best fundraising party and celebration. Every moment was perfect.” 

“Amanda, [my boss], and [my direct reports] – One thing to say…WHOA!!! What a great night! You all need to celebrate an AMAZING evening!! Congratulations, team! Take a bow. Bask in the glow of the wonder-filled evening you created. I am SO PROUD of all you achieved.”

“What pride I felt to have been a part of last night’s fabulous event.”

– emails from Board members after a fundraising gala, May 2012

“Amanda is definitely one of the hardest working people I know, and her creativity, energy level, and outstanding writing skills are a powerful combination.”

– recommendation from a former peer-level colleague, January 2013

“Amanda’s one of those colleagues you dream of having the chance to work with. She’s brilliant at fundraising and, really, all-around… And did I mention rolling-on-the-floor funny?”

– recommendation from a former employee, April 2011