A faded color photo of an older man cooking in a sunny kitchen

Fifteen years

Fifteen years with no Nurn in the world. That’s what we called him. A silly, loving name for a silly, loving man. Dan Kalikow, 3/2/43-2/26/09. But of course it’s not true that there’s no Nurn left. There is so much of him in me – I see him often in my own face – but […]

My father’s footsteps

The other day I walked here in my father’s footsteps, in one of his favorite places. I hadn’t specifically meant to; I was there for my own reasons, because it’s a treasured part of my life, too. I watched the rowing teams slide along the glassy surface, and thought of him. Nurn, our weird and […]

Blossom of snow

This morning’s coffeewalk. Eleven degrees and snow flurries and beautiful. Warmed by thick winter layers, my travel mug of coffee, and memories of my father. Gone fourteen years today. Dan Kalikow, 3/2/43-2/26/09. We called him Nurn, because it was silly and he adored silliness. If you know me even a little, then you know him […]

A blurry black-and-white image of a typed memo with most of the words blocked out by bars of solid black redacting the text so it's incomprehensible.


Hello my friends. I am still writing, just keeping a lower profile for awhile. Feel free to contact me directly for updates if you know how to reach me, and I’ll see you back here soon. ❤

Close-up photo of a tumbling mass of white star jasmine flowers.

Stop and smell the jasmine

Lately my neighbors’ tumbling mass of super sweet jasmine stops me in my tracks on my morning coffeewalks and reminds me of a children’s story that made a big impression on Small Me: There’s a very poor old man living in a very small village. He’s so poor, he can only afford one very small […]