A silvery log of driftwood sits on a sandy white beach. There's a line of green, green seagrass behind it, and a blue blue sky beyond that.

Captain’s log

This morning, back on Beach of My Heart. I smiled at the memory of the driftwood log. Then blinked, and laughed out loud because I realized it was real. Time doubles back on itself in odd and beautiful patterns here. Always so much the same. New joys adding bright threads that somehow match perfectly with […]

An expanse of deeply blue river under deeply blue sky, interrupted only by a couple of tiny rocky islands poking up between the viewer and a thin line of land that's the faraway opposite riverbank.

Get lost, kid

Yesterday I got myself well and truly lost in an area with no cell service. It’s okay. That was more or less the point. I started the morning by exploring around Lake Placid, scouting locations to view the next day’s eclipse. Then I went a little further afield, checking out a couple of villages ten […]

A faded color photo of an older man cooking in a sunny kitchen

Fifteen years

Fifteen years with no Nurn in the world. That’s what we called him. A silly, loving name for a silly, loving man. Dan Kalikow, 3/2/43-2/26/09. But of course it’s not true that there’s no Nurn left. There is so much of him in me – I see him often in my own face – but […]